Philippa Moirai

Taking her first ballet steps at the age of three, Philippa has had a lifelong passion for dance. She has over 20 years professional performance experience and a background in performance arts. She gained her FCBD®Style certification in 2007, was invited to be an FCCE instructor, and is now a qualified yoga teacher too. Based in London, she is well known for her encouraging and informative approach to teaching and her elegant dance style. She feels honoured to have performed with Carolena, Megha and members of FCBD®, to have co-taught the General Skills Intensive and Teacher Training Course with Carolena several times since 2011, and to be on the International dance circuit. In addition to directing her own troupe Moirai, Philippa is co-artistic director of the FireWater Collective, and a founding member of the Dance Sisters Collective.


Performance Intensive with the Dance Sisters Collective ➡️ Registration opening soon! ⬅️

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WS with Dance Sisters Collective ➡️ Registration is open ⬅️

Philippa Moirai