IsabelIsabel De Lorenzo
Co-founder and co-director of San Lo’ dance studio in Rome, director of Carovana Tribale, FCBD®Style certified studio since 2010 and member of the international Dance Sisters Collective. Isabel’s main activity is spreading concepts of Transnational Fusion Dances throughout the world with an emphasis on FCBD®Style, networking contacts and building friendship centered at San Lo’ dance studio in Rome.

Geneva Bybee
Geneva is a pioneer of Tribal Fusion in Europe. She’s lived the life of a modern-day gypsy for years learning, teaching, traveling in the spirit of spreading knowledge and building an international dance sisterhood. From her ideas and inspirations the Roma Tribal Meeting is born, by the hands of Isabel De Lorenzo and Lara Rocchetti, co-founders of San Lo’ dance studio in Rome. Now based in Mexico coast, Geneva joins the Festival almost every year.

Lara Rocchetti
Co-founder and co-director of San Lo’ dance studio, the first space in Rome conceived specifically to promote and create multicultural events concerning ethnic and contemporary arts and dance. She is a professional oriental dancer with a long history of performing and teaching, as well as organizing shows and events internationally. Lara takes care of the business side behind the Roma Tribal Meeting.

Fabio Ciccalè
Contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer, Fabio is a very experienced theatre and dance company director. He takes care of all the logistic aspects of the Roma Tribal Meeting since many years, specially the stage direction and light design of the Gala Show.

Gudrun Herold
Dance and yoga teacher, certified FCBD®Style instructor since 2011, director of Two Shores Dance Collective and creative member of Dance Sisters Collective. To convey the latest development and a good and healthy dance technique, Gudrun is constantly taking training from FCBD®Style, Jamila Salimpour Format and Integrated Dance by Ashley Lopez. Gudrun takes part of the Roma Tribal Meeting since 2013, being one of the most beloved teachers of our Festival. Since 2021 she is collaborating with the Roma Tribal Meeting as a member of the jury.