The three aspects of Devi | Performance Intensive w/ Masala Indian Fusion Collective

The stage project “The three aspects of Devi”, directed by the Masala Indian Fusion Collective, is inspired by the divine goddess Devi, and three of her most powerful aspects: the fierceness and strength of Kali, the wisdom and knowledge of Saraswati and the power and beauty of Laksmi. We’ll investigate movement through the three of them and their qualities, as well as build a stage performance that will bring us to India, its traditions and amazing temples.  

This performance intensive is open to Fusion dancers of Intermediate level. It will be based on choreography to be studied previously through videos that will be sent to the participants, and some improv that will be added during the in-person meeting.

This intensive will take place on Friday, May 19th, from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm at San Lo’ dance studio. The performance will be on Saturday the 20th of May during the gala show. The Masala Collective will perform on stage with the intensive attendees.

If you wish to participate, please apply before February 10th. We will notify all candidates by the end of February.

Link to application form ➡️

For inspiration you can watch some of the videos of previous Roma Tribal performance intensives here.