Masala Indian Fusion Collective

Masala is the Indian Fusion collective created by Lamia Barbara, Elizabeth Medina and Leli Neeraja. Inspired by their journey into Indian Classical Dance and Fusion Bellydance, their aim is to present a thoughtful and playful blend of movements and nuances, as well as to share their love for Indian Fusion through a respectful intercultural approach. Learn more about each teacher below.

Elizabeth Medina
Professional dancer since in 2003 Elizabeth Medina decided to devote herself exclusively to her great passion and vocation: dancing. Her style was born with the fusion of different disciplines such as contemporary, Indian classical and folklorical dances and bellydance, creating a unique and very personal essence that defines her and her IndOriental® style.
Traveling the world to teach, perform and study has been her dream come true in recent years.


Lamia Barbara
Lamia Barbara has been teaching dance and yoga internationally for more than 10 years, sharing her passion for traditional and experimental movement arts in over 20 countries around the world. Her aspiration as a dance teacher is to offer students solid technique foundations as well as inspire them to find their own way of expression. Lamia’s vision of dance aims towards grounded practice and soulful expression, in the exploration of a corporeal poetic language which allows us to experience beauty, freedom and connection.

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Leli Neeraja
“All my studies lead me to a continuous search for a fusion between East and West. I live for a few months a year in India, where I learn those precious disciplines that allow me to explore, know, understand and love my inner world. All these experiences have shaped my way of dancing. In fact, elements of these dances are recognizable and present in my Fusion. In Italy, I feel the profound need to share the grace, the beauty and the refinement of Indian dances, driven by the desire to make known and transmit part of my Indian experience, of which I’m madly in love. My artistic research is constantly evolving, I’m always fascinated and excited by new experiences, new meetings, and new adventures!”

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Masala Indian Fusion Collective