Create Your Dance Persona on the Media

Instructor: Taisa Jah Surya (Taisa Gontar)
Duration: 2 hours
Level: Open / Professional dancers and amateurs are welcome

This Workshop is aimed to give you more benefit from running your social media accounts. It will be inspiring for you whether you do it just for fun to communicate with friends and receive likes to your posts & videos. AND it will be super useful if you have a goal to create & sell your dance lessons/courses and monetize your dancing.

How does it work:
The lecture (2hrs) is split in two parts:
📺  a pre-recorded video tutorial (1 hr), and
📢  a live discussion via Zoom (1hr).

The pre-recorded video tutorial will be sent to your email one month before the festival (or, as soon as you register) and it can be watched as many times as you wish.

The live discussion will happen the weekend before Roma Tribal Meeting:
⏰ Sunday, May 15, 2022 (You will receive the link a few days before)
⏳ 5:00-6:00 pm CEST (Rome Summer Time UTC+2h)
⚠️ Please access the Zoom meeting 5 minutes in advance
🖥 For those who can’t attend, a recording will be available until two weeks after the festival.


Create Your Dance Persona on the Media