Taisa Jah Surya

Taisa is certified ATS® instructor and Sister Studio to Fat Chance Belly Dance® since 2011, director of Jah Surya Dance Group since 2006, organizer of Kiev Tribal Fest. In 2013 Taisa successfully passed certification for Jamila Salimpour Format Level 1.

In 2020 Taisa fall in love with coaching as a method of manifestation the goals through increasing mindfulness and motivation. She accomplished education and gained Coach International Certificate.

And on top of all in 2020 searching for the most productive approach to work online Taisa accomplished education in developing social media accounts. Due to this knowledge she created, sold out and run 4 coaching online courses through social media during 2021.

At the moment Taisa put together all her knowledge in dancing, teaching dance, holistic goal setting and managing social media and helps dancers, creative artists and all people who love their work to build their online activity in a most inspiring & productive way.

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Roma Tribal 2022 Lecture with Taisa Jah Surya