Tribal Symposium

Friday, May 24th, 2019 at San Lo’ dance studio
Free entrance to all Roma Tribal Meeting 2019 participants. Join us!
In the past years, we used to start the Roma Tribal Meeting with a round table discussion. The first edition was extraordinary: Ling Shien of Helm told us the history of tribal bellydance in California and we had so many questions to ask her. At the second edition in 2011 all teachers and many students discussed about the meaning of “tribal dance”. At the third edition the question was how could tribal bellydance influence our ambient in order to create a better world? A friend and professor of the University of Rome was with us, enchanted about all the possibilities created by our community.
This year we will start with a round table discussion again. The teachers can briefly present their work and their ideas about tribal community. We can have a tea together and share proposals for our community and the love for our dance form, celebrating another annual gathering of the most beloved tribal festival in Italy, the Roma Tribal Meeting.