Opening Party

Friday, May 24th, 2019
Accademia del Gusto 1990 Bistrot & Cocktail Bar
Via dei Salentini, 33 – Rome
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After the Tribal Symposium at let’s have a drink and good food all together!
From 8 pm the Opening Party starts at Accademia del Gusto 1900 Bistrot & Cocktail Bar, a fancy cafe next door to San Lo’ dance studio. They will make specially for us a buffet with appetizers, salads, pasta and other Italian specialties. Vegetarian and vegan options. Good wine. Jazz/ambient music. Places inside and outside. It’s summer in Rome and there’s a view to the ancient city walls. Time to say hello to old and new dance friends and start a week end full of Tribal Bellydance.
Reservations here.