Gudrun Herold

Gudrun is certified ATS® Bellydance instructor Sister Studio to FatChance BellyDance® 2011, director of Devadasi Caravan and creative member of ATS® Sisters Collective and is constantly taking further training in the SSCE program.
Gudrun is invited to teach and perform at national and international events (among others. Tribalfestival Hannover, Tribal UMRAH, ATS® Homecoming, Back to the Roots Toulouse, Black Forest Tribal Fest, 360° Oriental, Tribal Convention Nürnberg).
To convey the latest development and a good and healthy dance technique, Gudrun is constantly taking training with the teachers from FatChanceBellyDance®, at ATS® Homecoming in San Francisco or the ATS® Black Forest Intensive.
In June 2015 Gudrun did successfully pass certification for Jamila Salimpour Format Level 1.
Gudrun has a profound knowledge of anatomy and movement from being a Shiatsu-practitioner and her further training in Yoga. In her workshops and classes she takes extra care of a holistic and healthy dance technique.
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