Visions Show

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018, h21.00
Centrale Preneste Teatro
Via Alberto da Giussano, 58, Rome
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The Tribal Show “Visions” will present performances by all the teachers and special guests of the Roma Tribal Meeting 2018 ✿ With the participation of the students of the ATS® Performance Intensive directed by ATS® Sisters Collective and the and Tribal Fusion Performance Intensive by Armonica Dance Company ✿

Teachers ✿
Armonica Dance Company
ATS® Sisters Collective
Dominika Marko
Donna Mejia
Eva Sampedro
Jesse Stanbridge
Tribal Mafia
Violet Scrap
Invited Artists ✿
Ally Chen
Antonella Inicorbaf
Beatrice Secchi
Chantelle Gomez
Judite Dilshad
Leli Neeraja
Martina Caronna
Nur Bloodrose
Tallulah Dawn

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