Open Stage

Sunday, June 3rd 2018, h18.00
San Lo’ dance studio
Via Tiburtina Antica, 5/B, Rome
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More than 50 experienced dancers, dance students and new talents from different countries will perform at Roma Tribal Open Stage 2018 ✿
The Unexpected Folk Extravaganza Ensemble (IT-BR)
Alienor Tribal (FR)
Arabesque Tribe (IT)
Chiara De Marco (IT)
Belly Bellycius (GR)
Tania Benito (ES)
Jessica Wendy & Lelly Liberty (IT)
Danae Bofil (GR)
Terpsikhore (Malta)
Lady Vamp (ES)
Myriam Tatiana (ES)
Flock of Birds (IT-FR-BR-USA)
Lalla (IT)
Twins (IT)
Lilly Ridens (IT)
Erica (IT)
The Rings of Saturn (IT)
Alysia (IT)
Sistars (IT)
Haylda (IT)
Carvanserai Tribe (ES)
Dayeah Khalil (BR)
Phoenix Dance Company (IT)
Uppsala Tribal Bellydance Collective (SE)
Silvana (BR-IT-UK)
In Flow Tribe (UKR)
Flow Flora (IT-PT)
Geneva’s Tribal Gypsy workshop students
Carovana Tribale (IT)
All styles of Tribal and Fusion Bellydance are welcome ✿

➤ Application is closed for 2018 edition.
➤ Would you like just to come and watch?
Entrance is FREE to all participants of Roma Tribal 2018.
If you are attending the event you don’t have to book!
If wish to invite friends and family, they are also welcome for FREE, but places are limited so it’s necessary to reserve a spot.