WS2 Flamenco Flavour in ATS®

Saturday, June 3, 2017, h10.00-12.00
Teachers: Agata Zakrzewska & Katarzyna Lidia

Agata and Katarzyna are very passionate about flamenco roots of ATS® – they founded The Siren Project, a troupe dedicated to exploring flamenco inspirations in ATS. They study flamenco in order to expand their ATS® technique. This workshop will include useful tips and exercises that you can use while dancing pure ATS®, as well as in order to create Movement Dialect. We will look for flamenco feeling, practice beautiful hands and arms and learn several flamenco-inspired steps (including Devi Mamak’s creations). Very useful also as a technical base for people who are interested in dancing with flamenco-inspired props.
Intermediate level