Roma Tribal Bazaar

At the Roma Tribal Bazaar you will find only handmade crafts, traditional and modern designs related to Tribal bellydance and Tribal lifestyle.


Alexa Tribal Creations

Ashpara Shop

Atri n Tenere: Artigianato Tuareg

Azadeh: Exotic Adornments for dancers

Cadmium Rose

Devadasi Design


Peacock Collection

Poppypants tribal style bellydance wear

San Lo’ designs

The Empress Dragonfly

Tribal Bazar

Tribal Star

Twin Tribe

Valenteena’s Closet


Roma Tribal Bazaar 2018 opening hours:
Friday, June 1st, 5pm to 9pm
Saturday, June 2nd, 9:30am to 6pm
Sunday, June 3rd, 9:30am to 6pm

Free entrance exclusive to Roma Tribal Meeting participants and San Lo’ dance studio students and associates.

Link to Roma Tribal Bazaar 2018 on Facebook.