WS6 Soft as Veil, Sharp as Sword

Hybrid workshop 📺
Teacher: Patrizia Pin
Style: FCBD®️ Style Bellydance

Description: The Fan is an intriguing prop, it can change its shape during the dance creating never-ending options. We’ll start from reviewing some basic Fan Dialect Movement but soon move into some more advanced step that offers us a chance to really feel this special soft vs sharp quality that the Fan itself has.

Level: Open

Props: Please bring your fan. If you don’t have it, at the studio there will be some to buy.

📌 Saturday, May 25th, 2024
⏰ 3:30 – 5:30 pm CEST (Rome Summer Time UTC+2h)
⚠️ Please arrive at least 10 minutes in advance
🗓 See the complete festival SCHEDULE here

Guidelines to Roma Tribal Meeting 2024 Hybrid Workshops 📺

▶️ The workshops will take place at San Lo’ dance studio with a limited number of participants in-person.
▶️ The workshops will be simultaneously streamed via Zoom with unlimited places.

Make sure that you register correctly, choosing between IN-PERSON or ONLINE attendance.

If you choose IN-PERSON attendance, be aware that to access the San Lo’ dance studio you have to take off your shoes at the entrance. Bring your dance shoes or slippers if you wish.

If you choose to participate ONLINE, a few days before the Festival you will receive by email a link to access the Zoom meeting. Make sure you register with a correct email. In the case you can’t join the live session, a recording will be available until the end of June.

If you book a spot IN-PERSON but for some reason you can’t attend, it’s possible to participate online or ask the recording. No refunds.

Participating to a workshop ONLINE means that you agree with your image being shared with the teacher and the other participants.

In the case of cancellation of the IN-PERSON meeting due to force majeure, the workshops will take place ONLINE. Thank you for your comprehension.

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WS6 Soft as Veil, Sharp as Sword