Geneva Bybee

Geneva Bybee has made an impact in the Fusion Bellydance World for over two decades from Solo Performances and Workshops to Company Experiences; such as a member of Bellyqueen and Jill Parker’s FoxGlove Sweethearts.

Geneva has trained in Domba! Style, GCTB Format, FCBD Style with Certifications in Jamila Salimpour Level 1, Suhaila Salimpour’s Level 2 and Datura Level 1. She’s performed with many brilliant dancers and continues to be in awe of this Talented Dance Community.

Fusion Bellydance has shown her the world and allowed the traveler within her to blossom. With the original concept for Roma Tribal Meeting, Geneva is happy to return to Rome to share her unique vision and dance craft.


WS with Geneva
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Geneva Bybee