Valenteena Ianni

Fusion bellydancer and international teacher from Rome, Italy, Valenteena is well known for her stimulating and precise way of teaching and her emotional performances. Director and main choreographer of Armonica Dance Company, founded in 2012, Valenteena performs alone or with her Company all over the main tribal fusion world festivals, between all, The Massive Spectacular in Las Vegas and the Tribal Fest in California. Studying with the American master teachers and founders of this style (Rachel Brice and Zoe Jakes among all), Valenteena is also a Level 2 certified ITS teacher (format created by Amy Sigil). She performs ITS with her Improvisation Team Synchronization specialized troupe called Nova Motion. Valenteena teaches in Italy and abroad from 2010 and in 2018 she started offering online classes for students from all around the world in Italian and in english. She currently runs her own Online Dance Studio with live streamed and on demand content.

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WS5 Dance for the Heart with Valenteena Ianni
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