Lisa Allred

Lisa Allred is a group improvisational belly dancer who teaches and performs internationally. While co-directing Dayanisma with Dawn Ruckert, she helped create a FCBD with Baskets dialect. She now teaches and performs this dialect with her troupe, the Red Sage Collective. She also teaches and performs Fly Fusion and Flourish. Fly Flusion is a fun, fresh style of group improv created by Violet Kind. Flourish is a brand new format focused on respect and inclusivity and is being created by the members of Red Sage Collective. If you have ideas and a passion for creating dance movement, we would love for you to join us! Anyone who takes classes with Lisa can be a member of the Red Sage Collective, a virtual performance troupe with members from around the world. In addition to teaching dance, she offers a variety of workshops that combine psychology and dance on topics such as stage presence, motivation, creativity within structure, conflict management, managing troupes, and more! Finally, Lisa has experience in business and event management. She co-owned the recently retired Beyond Dance Business Academy and has produced conferences including Reunion, Baskets Around the World, and Baskets for Relief. For more information about Lisa and the Red Sage Collective, visit


WS4 FCBD with Baskets with Lisa Allred

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Lisa Allred