Gudrun Herold

Gudrun Herold has been certified in FCBD® style and is a Sister Studio to FatChance BellyDance® since 2011. Gudrun is a creative member of the Dance Sisters Collective and the Two Shores Dance Collective. She continuously studies different dance and movement styles. She has been teaching and performing at numerous national and international events, including Roma Tribal Meeting, ATS® Homecoming and ATS® Reunion, Tribal Umrah, Back to the Roots and Tribalfestival Hannover.

Gudrun sees movement as a holistic experience, an exploration of body, mind and soul – in connection with breathing, with music, dance and the co-dancers. She is attentively listening to the current discussion about cultural appropriation and decolonisation and participates in cultural lectures and dance lessons with teachers from the MENATH cultures. It is her concern to be more respectful and conscientious towards source cultures and is exploring ways to give back and exchange.

Since 2020 Gudrun has immersed deeply into playing the frame drum, and has created her FCBD®Style Movement Dialect with the Frame Drum in 2022. She created the ManyMoons Collective as a performance group featuring female dancers, drummers and musicians, (re)connecting dance, theatre and music in the most feminine way.


WS8 FCBD®️Style Movement Dialect with the Frame Drum with Gudrun Herold
WS12 The Trinity of Creation with the Dance Sisters Collective
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Performance Intensive with the Dance Sisters Collective ➡️ Registration is open ⬅️

Gudrun Herold