The Utopia of Love • Performance Intensive w/ Francesca Pedretti

“It appeared in truth a perfect virgin with the grace of life, but in the expression of such modesty all motion was restrained— and so his art concealed his art.
Pygmalion gazed, inflamed with love and admiration for the form, in semblance of a woman, he had carved.”

In just a few verses, Ovid lays out the emotional cornerstones of this story from his Metamorphoses.

The myth of Pygmalion and Galatea speaks to us of perfection, despair and, finally, an ‘impossible’ love turned possible: in this Performance Intensive we will develop our dance through these feelings, while working on interpretation and technique in FCBD®️ and Fusion styles.

A dialogue between the two styles will make up the original and rich performance of our stage project!

Francesca Pedretti has a long experience in coaching improvisational projects. The most know is La Divina Commedia®️ that since 2014 has been presented in several cities of the world (Milan, Rome, Naples, Palermo, Leicester, Namur, Barcelona, New York City etc), every time involving different performers. The latest virtual edition (December 2021) can be watched here.

    Schedule / General info / Deadlines / Application form:

GROUP 1 • (Tribal) Fusion Bellydance
Friday, May 20 at San Lo’ in Rome
⏰ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (3 hrs)

GROUP 2 • FCBD®️Style
Friday, May 20 at San Lo’ in Rome
⏰ 2:30-5:30 pm (3 hrs)

Students that cannot be present in Rome have the possibility to attend the intensives online (this option does not include the final performance).

The final performance will happen at the Utopia Show on Saturday, May 21, at Centrale Preneste Teatro in Rome.

The cost for each group is 120 euros. It includes preparation through group discussion, three hours of intensive training, rehearsals on stage and theatre entrance.

Francesca Pedretti wants to know beforehand who is interested, so that she can design a performance specifically conceived for the group.

So please fill in the APPLICATION FORM before March 10, 2022