Philippa Moirai

Taking her first ballet steps at the age of three, Philippa has had a lifelong passion for dance. A professional performer and dance teacher based in London, she has travelled the world to train extensively with teacher and mentor Carolena Nericcio (the creator of FCBD®Style or American Tribal Style® belly dance) and many other great masters. A certified instructor since 2007, FatChanceBellyDance® Partner Studio and one of the two chosen SSCE instructors in Europe; Philippa strives to remain true to this dance form whilst sharing the knowledge and passion that she has for it. Philippa is well known for her encouraging and informative approach to teaching and her elegant dance style; regularly teaching and performing both locally and internationally. She feels honoured to have shared the stage with many amazing dancers and musicians, to have performed with Carolena, Megha and members of FCBD® on several occasions, and to have co-taught the General Skills Intensive with Carolena in the UK and Sweden since 2011. In addition to directing Moirai Tribal belly dance troupe, Philippa is an integral part of the FireWater Collective and a founding member of the International Dance Sisters Collective and Ter’zíMoirai.


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Roma Tribal 2022 WS5 with Philippa Moirai

Roma Tribal 2022 WS7 with Gudrun Herold & Philippa Moirai