Leli Neeraja

“All my studies lead me to a continuous search for a fusion between East and West.

I live for a few months a year in India, where I learn those precious disciplines that allow me to explore, know, understand and love my inner world.

All these experiences have shaped my way of dancing. In fact, elements of these dances are recognizable and present in my Fusion.

In Italy, I feel the profound need to share the grace, the beauty and the refinement of Indian dances, driven by the desire to make known and transmit part of my Indian experience, of which I’m madly in love. 

My artistic research is constantly evolving, I’m always fascinated and excited by new experiences, new meetings, and new adventures!”


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Roma Tribal 2022 WS2 with Leli Neeraja

Photo Roberto Radimir | Roma Tribal Meeting 2018