Virtual Meeting

🗓 Friday, 5 June, 2020
⏰ 21:00 (CET Central Europe Time / Rome Time)
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The event in Rome is cancelled but… the VIRTUAL MEETING is coming! Yay!

“It is in the radical distance that the encounter happens”

PERFORMERS (in alphabetical order):
Alice Shantala – Italy
Alice Spellbound Folly – Italy
Alina Paredes – Spain
Arabesque Tribe: Haylda e Carla Turriziani – Italy
Aradian Tribe – Italy
Astrales Dance Troupe – Italy
ATS®️ Sisters Collective – Italy/Germany/UK
Chiara De Marco – Italy
Dahlia Tribal – Spain
Devadasi Caravan – France/Germany
Dunja Regent – Italy
Erika Mas – Italy/Spain
Fabio Ciccalè – Italy
FOURTEENGIRLS – Francesca, Susanna, Maria, Eugenia, Agostina, Ilenia, Sofia, Giulia, Valeria, Giulia, Arianna, Claudia, Gabriela, Stefania – Italy
Gaia Dunya Rai with Mandalance Dance Experimental Contemporary Fusion – Italy
Gaia Nardini – Italy
Giorgia – Italy
Haylda – Italy
Holosericae – Italy
Ilhaam – India
Julia Haussener – Italy
Lalla – Italy
Mar Gonzalez – Spain
Maria Fomina – Ukraine
Maria Lidia – Italy
Martina Caronna – Italy
Masha Levitan – Russia
Moirai Tribal Bellydance – UK
Nadin Rivers – Ukraine
Nord Nomads Project – Russia
Phoenix Dance Company – Italy
Poppypants – Italy
Rakel – Spain
Ross – Italy
Sandra Ellas – Peru
Shinme Project – Italy
Silvana Martinz – UK
Sira – Italy
Sisters in Tour – Italy
Tatiana Morgetta – Russia
Tessera Dance (Jesse, Michiyo & Sofia) – USA
Trium Parcae – France
Uppsala Tribal Bellydance Collective (Siri, Ina-Maria & Berenike) – Sweden
Violet Scrap – Italy
Vladimiro Porcu & Maria Veronica Carta – Italy

We included in this show all the videos received that were original/unreleased. We have to hide the videos which music is protected by copyright. Thanks for your comprehension.

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