Virtual Meeting

? Friday, 5 June, 2020
⏰ 21:00 (CET Central Europe Time / Rome Time)
?Roma Tribal Meeting Youtube channel?

The event in Rome is cancelled but… the VIRTUAL MEETING is coming! Yay!

“It is in the radical distance that the encounter happens”

PERFORMERS (in alphabetical order):
Alice Shantala – Italy
Alice Spellbound Folly – Italy
Alina Paredes – Spain
Arabesque Tribe: Haylda e Carla Turriziani – Italy
Aradian Tribe – Italy
Astrales Dance Troupe – Italy
ATS®️ Sisters Collective – Italy/Germany/UK
Chiara De Marco – Italy
Dahlia Tribal – Spain
Devadasi Caravan – France/Germany
Dunja Regent – Italy
Erika Mas – Italy/Spain
Fabio Ciccalè – Italy
FOURTEENGIRLS – Francesca, Susanna, Maria, Eugenia, Agostina, Ilenia, Sofia, Giulia, Valeria, Giulia, Arianna, Claudia, Gabriela, Stefania – Italy
Gaia Dunya Rai with Mandalance Dance Experimental Contemporary Fusion – Italy
Gaia Nardini – Italy
Giorgia – Italy
Haylda – Italy
Holosericae – Italy
Ilhaam – India
Julia Haussener – Italy
Lalla – Italy
Mar Gonzalez – Spain
Maria Fomina – Ukraine
Maria Lidia – Italy
Martina Caronna – Italy
Masha Levitan – Russia
Moirai Tribal Bellydance – UK
Nadin Rivers – Ukraine
Nord Nomads Project – Russia
Phoenix Dance Company – Italy
Poppypants – Italy
Rakel – Spain
Ross – Italy
Sandra Ellas – Peru
Shinme Project – Italy
Silvana Martinz – UK
Sira – Italy
Sisters in Tour – Italy
Tatiana Morgetta – Russia
Tessera Dance (Jesse, Michiyo & Sofia) – USA
Trium Parcae – France
Uppsala Tribal Bellydance Collective (Siri, Ina-Maria & Berenike) – Sweden
Violet Scrap – Italy
Vladimiro Porcu & Maria Veronica Carta – Italy

We included in this show all the videos received that were original/unreleased. We have to hide the videos which music is protected by copyright. Thanks for your comprehension.

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