Melody Bustillos

Melody’s vast dance experience began early with studies in modern dance. Later, she integrated classic and folkloric belly dance.  Other movement activities also included certified ACE® group fitness and Spin instructor.

Melody discovered the passion for sword dance early on. Forever the student, she continues to study with many sword masters enhancing her ability as a sword handler/dancer.  Her ATS® journey began in 2004, later to achieve Sister Studio status, and stays current on the SSCE program. 

In 2009, she co created the Davina Tribal Collective. She was the key initiator to integrate sword work into the ATS® vocabulary. Through collaborative efforts with Carolena Nericcio, the sword dialect DVD “ATS® with an Edge” was produced. The new updated single and double sword material is included on the dual DVD/digital set “Any Way You Slice It” ATS® Sword Dialect. Melody has traveled worldwide teaching and loves sharing her craft offering encouragement and support for everyone.