Roma Tribal Meeting 2019 was great and we are already missing our lovely community! The time we shared with dancers from all over the world this past meeting was very enriching, and we are excited to keep the momentum going with our next edition.

Roma Tribal Meeting will take place May 29th – 31st, 2020 at San Lo’ dance studio in the heart of Rome, as always. It will be our 10th year hosting this amazing festival!! Can you believe it?!

The theme for next year will be ‘Diversity’. Why? Because we wish to embrace the diversity in our community and the diversity in our world. We come together as various tribes, styles, philosophies, languages, cultures, genders and beliefs, all the while honoring a unified love of our dance form.

In a recap of last year’s Tribal Symposium, where we had a chance to verbalize the current happenings in each dance community. Teachers and students discussed dance projects and many desires to become more ecological. Roma Tribal is now a plastic free zone, so we encourage dancers to bring their own water bottle. We’re also bringing an awareness to our carbon foot print. If you’re able to travel by train or carpool with friends, carbon emissions are much less than traveling by airplane. We also discussed how most of us wish to reach more diverse audiences in our communities. Creating instructional projects, taking your dance to a more public place, or perhaps sparking the interest of young minds to our dance of tribal style. Roma Tribal Meeting is aware of our impact and is already planning something to attract multi-ethnic communities and youth to next year’s festival.

We carefully read all of your feedback and decided to accept every suggestion. Specifically, we agree that it is essential for every dancer to see the main show and will have space available for each festival participant. In observing the performances of your teachers and colleagues, you can show your appreciation while gaining knowledge and techniques for developing your own dance. We will also host a new workshop at the theater, where students can learn about lighting designs and staging concepts.

Our Call for teachers, intensive teachers and performers will start the first week of September. Please have your submissions in by November 1st to allow us time to determine next years candidates before Christmas break. We wish to create a great lineup of experienced teachers and an assortment of artistic views. Tribal Fusion and American Tribal Style® will both be represented as usual. ATS® Teachers are also encouraged to apply. At Roma Tribal Meeting, we do not invite any instructors. We enjoy the diversity of inviting artists that are interested in joining our festival and choose our teachers through our Call for Artists applications.

Registration applications for Performance Intensives (staging projects) will begin in January, 2020. Registration for Festival Workshops will begin in February, 2020.

Our team is very excited for next year’s edition and feel quite honored to be hosting the community for our tenth year. Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about our festival values, our dance mission, the honoring of Tribal Bellydance history, our passion for spreading this art form and – whenever possible – fighting for a better world.

At Roma Tribal Meeting, all tribes are welcome.