Indian Fusion Performance Project w/ Lamia Barbara

The Roma Tribal Meeting invites you to attend the exclusive Indian Fusion Performance Project with Lamia Barbara

Taking inspiration from her classical Indian dance studies, this outstanding teacher has created a choreography that blends elements from classical Indian dance, Bellydance and contemporary dance with Lamia’s signature style. The intensive is designed for intermediate to advanced dancers who wish to deepen their study of Tribal Fusion performance and explore the subtle art of fusion. Lamia will share tips and tricks about her creative process and inspirations, as well as an original choreography to be performed together at Roma Tribal Diversity Show.

In the past editions, we have been offering different Tribal Fusion stage projects (also called performance intensives) always with a huge success. These intensives have been directed by Valenteena Ianni and her Armonica Dance Company in 2017 and 2018; the duo Musa – Marta Eres and Maytz – from Spain directed the beautiful “Tentacles” project in 2019. You can watch the three videos linked below.

This year we believe that the expertise Lamia Barbara will be able to create something really enchanting and at the same time valuable for the growth of our Tribal Fusion community.

Applications postponed to February 10th!!! We will notify all candidates by February 20th.

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