WS5 Priestess. Dance of the spirit

Saturday, May 25th, 2019, h15.00-17.00
Teacher: Natasha Korotkina
Appropriate track: Tribal Fusion
Workshop description:
In this workshop we will learn how to combine different styles, focusing on the visual effect of Tribal Fusion Bellydance and making our dance vocabulary brighter and richer. We will also develop flexibility and speed, learn the technique of some elements of Tribal Fusion and Modern Dance, and learn an original piece of choreography from Natasha Korotkina: “Priestess. Dance of the spirit”.
Natasha describes this piece as “the perfect form of inspiration through a fascinating dance – a fusion mix of music, emotions and body plastic in one flame of passion through the body language.”
During the class you will plunge into Natasha’s “super fresh” vision of dance as total art and feel your body in a completely new way with the help of techniques and elements of the most up-to-date trends in the world dance today. This workshop is dedicated to Creativity.
All levels welcome.

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