WS9 Tribal Origins

Sunday, June 4, 2017, h12.30-14.30
Teacher: Charlotte Wassell
Take a step back to the roots of Tribal-Style Belly Dance! Affectionately named “the grandmother of Tribal”, Jamila Salimpour was one of the first dancers in the USA to develop a standard terminology for belly dance. In this workshop we will learn some of the fundamental steps in her format and see how to put them together to incorporate into your own vocabulary. Bring your finger cymbals for full immersion into this juicy, earthy stylisation! Charlotte is Level 2 certified in Jamila format and Level 1 Suhaila format and currently working towards her Suhaila Level 2 certification. She was honoured to have been invited to perform with the Salimpours’ legendary troupe, Bal Anat, in October 2016 and is preparing for the Bal Anat 50th birthday tour in April 2018.
Props: zills

Intermediate level