WS15 ❖ Datura Style™️ Intensive ❖ Part 2

Sunday, May 31st, 2020, h15.00-17.00

Teachers: Antonella Sciahina & Caroline Achouri

Presentation: Datura Style™️ is the dance format created by Rachel Brice. This format refers to both a dance vocabulary and an approach to technique that can be used for choreography and improvisation.

Antonella Sciahina (Italy) and Caroline Achouri (France), certified Datura teachers, bring for the first time at Roma Tribal Meeting this format and its technical and aesthetic concepts in a brand new collaboration. They are very proud to introduce this format to our Tribal Belly Dance community, in the lineage of the other formats, as Salimpour or ATS®️ for example.

This Datura Style™️ Intensive will be split in 2 parts of 2 hours each:

▻ Part 1: We will get to know some technical concepts of Datura Style™️ and see how these concepts are the perfect toolbox to improve our technique and to go deeper in the fundamentals for a strong dance. We will also see some of Rachel’s favorite combos, that compose the vocabulary of Datura Style™️ and the easily identifiable aesthetics of this style. These elements of vocabulary will be used in the 2nd part to create a group choreography.

▻ Part 2: After the introduction of Datura Style™️ concepts in the first part, it’s time now to use these concepts to create a choreography with the techniques of composition and improvisation. This choreography will be performed at Open Stage. So, be prepared to active your brain and your body in a new way, and to make your dance alive on stage, with a strong and connected group.
It is highly recommended to follow the both parts, especially if you want to dance at the Open Stage.

Props: Please bring your zills!

Level: Open 

Value: 40€ each part

Is it possible to attend only Part 1?
Yes, it is.

Is it possible to attend only Part 2?
It’s highly recommended to attend both, but if you are already familiar with Datura Style™️ you can jump directly into Part 2.

Can I attend the workshops without performing at the Open Stage?
Of course.

Do I need to attend both parts to perform at the Open Stage?
Yes, you do. Only if you are already familiar with Datura Style™️  you can take Part 2 and then perform.

What do I need to perform?
You need to attend the workshops and follow the instructions that you will receive some weeks before the Meeting, regarding costume, music and other few things to prepare. The costume will be very easy to do and accessible.

About this collaboration:
Antonella and Caroline were certified at the same time as Datura teachers in Portland, after following the 4 phases together. They know how this format is challenging, and will pass it with all the tools that Rachel Brice taught them, during the “8 elements” and during the “DaturaCon” they followed also together. They are very proud to introduce it in Europe exclusively for Roma Tribal Meeting and very happy to work together again with both Italian and French flavors!!

More about Datura Style™️

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