WS 9・Loaded Soul – Twisted Funk AKA “I Eat Beats for Breakfast”

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018, h12.30-14.30
Instructor: Donna Mejia
Some would define power as the ability to produce large and dramatic movements of virtuosic prowess.  I define power as the ability to channel tremendous force but not be removed from one’s center; the strength to metaphorically “swallow the hurricane.” This requires steadiness in one’s core, nuance, a grounded way of moving through space, and, above all, courage to face forces stronger than one’s self.  In this class, we are going to take the thickest, hardest and crunchiest beats I could locate and translate them into our dancing bodies. Some big moves are on the menu, but I aim to also build intricacy and rhythmic clarity in our movement through remixed hip work. With music and hardcore beats as a guide, drill practice is about to get juicy. Please note that this workshop will utilize music with adult lyrics and themes. (This is the “R” rated version of Donna Mejia). Come ready to play hard.
Intermediate level.

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